Our mission is to build great companies by helping them innovate and commercialize new products and services flawlessly.     

We define innovation as the creation of products or services that serve the market in new or different ways as well as improve the quality of our lives. Innovation is essential because it plays a key role in stimulating positive change and growth in society. 

Many companies founded on a great idea or product stumble in taking those innovations to market – the commercialization phase.  Getting a successful first generation product into production in a cost effective, scalable way with proper IP freedom and protection requires a sound strategic plan and access to capital at the right level and the right time.  Comsult provides the experience to help guide you successfully along this delicate path.

Comsult’s consultants optimize the innovation and commercialization process by providing finance, strategy, operations, organizational, product engineering expertise. We have a unique combination of highly seasoned business and product engineering consultants at lower boutique firm prices who address all aspects of a company’s growth from finding capital to getting products made and scaled up to meet the growing demand.  We provide key services to help avoid common pitfalls for companies bringing products to market, and bolster fast growth.

                                       We help you get to market fast and avoid costly mistakes

 We Focus on:    

  • creatively finding capital from various sources
  • crafting sound business strategies and creating efficient operations that maximize profits
  • providing key engineering services during critical points in the product development process

Our Services Include:

Business Expertise

  •     Planning, Structuring & Go-To-Market Strategy
  •     Investor Material Preparation & Analysis
  •     Capital Advisory & Resources   
  •     Finance, Strategy & Operations Advisory

Product Engineering & Manufacturing Expertise

  •     IP Landscape & Freedom to Operate Analysis (1)
  •     Manufacturing Strategy (2)
  •     Make-Buy Analysis
  •     Technical Advisory & Oversight

(1) IP Landscape & Freedom to Operate Analysis from a practicing engineering and business perspective

(2) Manufacturing Strategy covers pilot through mass production

We work on short-term projects such as investor materials and manufacturing strategies.  We also work on longer term interim CFO/COO roles spanning finance, strategy and operations.  In these interim roles, we look to collaboratively work with management teams to structure and capitalize your company for rapid growth, going to the next level, inhibiting competition, becoming the market share leader, and optimizing operations.  Our approach is to apply finance and management consulting skills and methodologies with an investor perspective.  

Our clients include company management as well as angel, venture capital, and private equity investors.  We are focused on sectors with high innovation such as cleantech, information technology, consumer products, and healthcare.  Comsult has a strong advisory board that currently consists of former executives of a global engineering firm, a family office who are long-term intergenerational investors, the former CEO of the US  division of a major conglomerate, among others. 

Our Key Benefits to Clients include:

  • grow and increase revenue and return on investment (ROI) faster  
  • improve time to market and efficiency levels  
  • find the appropriate types of capital during the different stages of company development  
  • design and develop products for manufacturability and profit from the start to avoid costly modifications later  
  • identify practical intellectual property (IP) freedom to operate parameters and design physical products within accessible and protectable IP spaces  
  • develop a strong IP strategy, from a practicing engineering perspective and in conjunction with legal counsel, that inhibits competition  
  • conduct make-buy analyses that identifies when to outsource manufacturing and when to bring it in-house

Reasons for Working with Comsult:

  • highly seasoned consultants who provide a vital combination of business and product engineering services from an investor perspective at   lower boutique firm prices 
  • unique group that bridges the gaps between engineering, company management, and investors  
  • finance and strategy leaders with access to a variety of capital sources and funding solutions  
  • key relationships and networks in the investor and business communities  
  • business owners and investors with comprehensive skillsets in finance, strategy and operations  
  • access to extensive engineering networks to source the right technical expertise at the right time  
  • distinguished management team, advisory board, and ecosystem surrounding the company