Capital & Finance ("Creative Capital")

We are multidisciplinary business people who can creatively figure out how to best finance and capitalize your company.  We come from backgrounds in finance, banking, capital markets, and investing.  Both investors and company management are our clients and colleagues, and we are able to bridge any gaps between the different funding sources and the company management teams.


We know and understand the nuances of the funding landscape whether it is 1) equity (family offices, angel investors, venture capital, private equity), 2) debt (lines, loans, convertible notes, etc.), 3) alternative financing (factoring, crowdfunding, public markets, etc.), 4) grants, etc. or 5) a combination thereof.


We emphasize flexibility and work to obtain realistic and appropriate funding sources.  We have helped many clients obtain interim short-term financing to bring immediate capital into the company as the longer term financial partnerships are being worked out, which often take time.

Interim CFO/COO Roles


With backgrounds in operations and management consulting, we look to address finance, strategy and operations issues that will help you run your company optimally and also satisfy investor requirements.  To optimize the business and profits, we look to 1) form a strong financial organization and business model on the finance side, 2) create sustainable differentiation and competitive barriers of entry on the strategy side, and 3) streamline and automate processes on the operations side. 

In these types of roles, the major business items that we focus on include:


  • financial models (sensitivities, valuations, and return profiles)
  • business models (how and when you make money)
  • roadmaps and next steps
  • strategy
  • profits (EBITDA and cash flow)
  • liquidity
  • investor issues and risks
  • investor materials
  • management tools & key performance indicators
  • infrastructure (books, systems, etc.)
  • processes and procedures
  • risk identification and mitigation
  • resources and networks
  • advisory / sounding board services